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Larry Murphy
Area of Expertise: Hunting and Fishing
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Larry is an avid bass fisherman and is a regular tournament angler on several Missouri lakes including Smithville Lake, Truman Lake, Pomme de Terre Lake, and the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Larry was accepted by Daiwa to be a member of their Pro Staff.  Look for Larry at special events at Bass Pro and Cabela's with Team Daiwa.

Larry recently received an award from StartupNation, he is the #1 ranked new small business in the "Boomers Back in Business" category.  Check out these links to learn more. 


Larry's guide website was also featured in article published by David Pogue in the New York Times, click on this link to read more.


Larry also enjoys chasing musky, and the pursuit of this toothy critter has taken him to Ontario Canada, Minnesota, and of course Pomme de Terre in his home state of Missouri.  Recently Larry was accepted to be a sponsor for Young's Wilderness Camp in Ontario, Canada.  Larry and his family have been fishing for musky from Young's since 1998 and will help Perry and Carol Annuik promote the Young's camp by attending sports and trade shows in the U.S.

Larry has also teamed up with Kjelle Lundberg and is the sole U.S. distributor of the Stalker musky bait from Kjelle Lundberg Custom Musky Baits.  Check out www.lundbergcustombaits.com to learn more about Kjelle's hand made lures.

Larry recently "un-retired" and is back in the corporate world at DST Systems.  His guide and lure business are continuing on, but the amount of time that Larry will spend on the water in 2009 is way down.  Larry told me "I think I spent a part of 150 on the water in 2008.  This WORK thing is really goin gto cut into my fishing time!"  The following was cut/paste from Larry's website, www.murphyoutdoors.com.
I started fishing over 40 years ago!  I am blessed with a family that loved the outdoors and consequently summer family vacations were always centered around fishing.  My earliest memory of fishing is at Bennett Springs State Park.  My brother and I were way too young to have a trout tag, but my dad gave us a fly rod to use and told us to go fishing.  He didn't give us any flies to use because he thought we were too young to handle hooks, so I would tie small rocks to the end of the leader and would pretend to fish.  In addition to clunking myself on the back of the head with the rock, I actually landed fish with my home-made and no-hook lure.  I remember my grandfather saying "well, I suppose he can't hurt himself much worse with a hook than the rock he's using", so they let me and my brother start trout fishing.

In the early years the only fishing I did was with a fly rod.  We fished several of the Missouri trout parks, local neighborhood lakes, and of course farm ponds.  We caught tons of bluegill and bass those days, and had a ton of fun doing it.  In the late 60's my dad bought a small 12' fishing boat from Sears, a fiberglass Gamefisher, so we started fishing larger lakes in our area.  A few years later he purchased our first bass boat, a 1974 Rebel. It had a 65 HP outboard, trolling motor, console, pedestal seats, and now we thought we were "hot"!  With the upgrade to the Rebel we started fishing Corps of Engineers lakes like Stockton, Pomme de Terre, the Lake of the Ozarks, and Rathbun Lake in Iowa.  We also put away the fly rods and started fishing for black bass, crappie, and white bass. 

Since those early years my love for fishing has continued to grow.  For the past 20 years I have been an avid bass fisherman and fish from 10 to 15 tournaments annually.  These tournaments take me all over the state, but I have the greatest success on Smithville, Truman, the Lake of the Ozarks, and Pomme de Terre.  I love to compete, but I especially love to learn from other anglers.  If I'm not bass fishing I'll usually be found chasing musky, or fishing for white bass and crappie on one of the many Corps of Engineers empoundments in Missouri. 

While I love to fish and spend time on the water, my passion is teaching people what I've learned and helping them to succeed!  I have helped so many family members and friends get into fishing, and I would like to help you as well.  

If I were you and I was reading this I'd be wondering "why should I pay THIS guy to take ME fishing?  I've thought about this long and hard, and I think I have the answer....because I can teach you something.  It's just that simple!  If you're on the lake a couple times a week, or you fish tournaments regularly, then you probably don't need a guide.  However, if you're just getting started or are new to these lakes, then why not shorten your learning curve?  In the end a trip with me will actually save you time and money, and will make future fishing trips more productive and enjoyable.

While I love to fish for largemouth bass, I've really gotten into musky fishing and guiding people on musky.  My family and I have been fishing the Lake of the Woods every year for musky since 1998 at Young's Wilderness Camp in Ontario.  In addition, I've fished for musky in Minnesota and on Pomme de Terre in Missouri.  I had the opportunity to guide a great group of guys from Sweden and Germany on the Lake of the Woods this year and it was a great trip!  Also, I've had great success on muskies at Pomme and am getting a lot of interest and guide trips booked for that lake as well.

People that know me will tell you that I'm an open, honest, and easy going guy (at least I hope they say that).  If you'd like to contact me with questions, feel free to email me at lmurphy@murphyoutdoors.com or lmurphy8@kc.rr.com .  You can also call my cell phone at 816-863-6079.


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