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Mark Thompson
Area of Expertise: Hunting and Fishing
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Mark is a resident of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, where he is a charter member of Big Creek Baptist Church.  He is married with five children.  Mark enjoys tournament fishing on many of the Ozark lakes, but considers Truman to be his home lake. 

Mark regularly competes in tournaments with West Central Bass Club, Anglers in Action, Joe Bass and many of the open/charity events.  Past accomplishments have been multiple Angler of the Year awards in a Bass Federation club, 2-time Bass World Sports Truman Division Points Leader, annual Classic qualifications for the Bass World Sports, Anglers in Action, Joe Bass and West Central Bass Club circuits.

In addition to fishing, Mark is an avid deer and duck hunter and spends as many days afield as possible.  As finances allow, Mark also has enjoyed hunts for elk, moose, black bear, antelope, and buffalo.

Mark’s goals are to continue to compete in the circuits listed above while seeking opportunities to continue on to higher levels of competition.  To this end, Mark seeks to provide quality exposure for his sponsors, while maintaining a balance with his home life and career.

To contact Mark, email him at mark.Thompson@trans.ge.com. 


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