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I would like to welcome everyone to a new season of Bass fishing here with 7/24 outdoors.  This is my second year on the pro staff and i am looking forward to a great year with everyone here.

I would like to welcome my new sponsors Ardent Reels and Razor Rods.  Please check out the websites for each located under my sponsors.  Ardent has some great new reels this year and the F700 has become my mainstay for flipping and pitching.  I have paired it with a 7' heavy action rod from Razor rods and I am more than satisfied with the pairing of them.  If anyone would like more information please drop me a e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP.

This year I will be fishing the Bass World Sports, Burtons Weekend Series, and the new series on Smithville Lake Showme outdoors.  I will also be doing a few of the BFL's along the way.  If you have not signed up for the Showme outdoors series I suggest giving it a look.  They are new but going to do well with the buddy team format I think.  Look forward to seeing everyone on the water.  Have a great year and as always be safe.


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