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Jason Estel
Area of Expertise: Hunting and Fishing
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I grew up in a family of hunting and fishing.  If your from Southern Illinois, between my dad, me and my two cousins you can bet you'll come across the Estel name somewhere.

I won my first Father/Son Tourney at 8 yrs old, and have been addicted ever since. 

My fishing partner Craig Cowan and I recently just won a boat when we placed third at the USA Bassin Classic at Kentucky Lake in May 2010.  We currently run a division on the Kaskaskia River for USA Bassin. 

I have two boys, a daughter and a beautiful wife.  When I'm not in the woods or on the water.  I can usually be found at one of their football or baseball games.  My family and I respect the great outdoors like my dad raised me.


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