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Submitted By:  Judy Schnable
Company: Spring Creek Enterprises
Web site: www.maout.com/springcreek.htm

Whenever Don and I are in the Flippin AR area, we always stop at Sodies Fountain & Grill. It's a neat place located on the side of the railroad tracks in town, on Hwy 62b. You can either dine inside or outside on their patio. The wrought iron umbrella tables and chairs are scattered on the patio. You won't go away hungry, I can guarantee that. 

The setting inside is reminiscent of an old soda fountain. It also has the essence of an old railroad station. The gift shop is full of unique items. It's worth the time to stop in and see. 

Here is recipe for an appetizer that is sure to please your guests: 

1 Pkg. dry onion soup mix 
lb. butter or margarine, softened 
24 slices white bread 

Trim all the crusts from bread. Mix soup and butter together until well blended. Spread butter on bread(both sides) and cut each slice into five strips. Place strips on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes until golden. Makes about 10 dozen sticks. 

These can be served as appetizers or with the main meal in place of garlic bread. Simple,yet delicious.
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