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Roast Duck with Fruit and Liqueur Sauce
Submitted By:  Bess Lee, proprietress of Stone Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast

Serves 2-4 Prep Time: 2 hrs. 

5 to 6 lb.tender duck                                             1/4 lb. butter
garlic salt                                                               1 cup peach syrup
1 "toe" garlic(slivered)                                        small jar bar-le-duc(red currant jam)
2 Tblsp. honey                                                      1 cup dry white wine
3 halves canned peaches                                    1/2 cup Grand Marnier,plus 1 oz. cognac

Preheat oven (400 degrees F.) Clean duck well, but do not dry it. Rub garlic salt in the cavity. Place paper-thin slivers of garlic under the outside skin in about six different places. Put duck on rack in open roasting pan and place in preheated oven. Meanwhile, combine the cider and honey and baste duck with it - this helps to crisp the skin and make it beautifully brown. After half an hour, reduce heat to 350.F and roast for another 1 1/2 hrs. It is very important to drain off duck fat from the bottom of pan while baking. This grease prevents proper circulation of oven heat and tends to make the bird greasy. During cooking period, keep basting with cider and honey mixture, using a brush. Watch the way the skin mellows in color. Also, make sure to expose the bottom of the duck during roasting for about 10 minutes and baste so the bird will brown evenly all over. While duck is cooking, make the sauce. Add the sliced peaches to heated butter in a large saucepan Then add peach syrup and currant jam and bring to a slow froth, stirring constantly. Now add the white wine, Grand Marnier and cognac. Stir until mixture is slightly thickened. Serve hot with the duck. 

Serve with wild rice. A good claret (at room temp.) goes well with this. 

This recipe "borrows" a bit of Chinese method with a great French sauce. Bon appetite! 

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